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Full-Time Gamer: Now on PS3!

I am sorry that the blog went dark over the last couple of months. I’ve been hard at work searching for a job as well as rearranging my house to make room for the new addition to the family coming next month. That said, I want to revive this blog, and I’m back on GameFly to continue receiving a steady stream of games to review.

The first game I’m going to do is a great, but difficult, RPG for the PlayStation 3. That’s right, I’m doing PS3 reviews now, thanks to my Xbox 360 deciding to finally crap out on me and chew games like bubblegum. I’d prefer the RROD, which lets me know my machine is dead, over the constant wondering that results from my Xbox sporadically deciding to take a bite out of my discs, so I’m not giving another dime to Xbox.

Demon’s Souls
Platforms: PlayStation 3
Developer: ATLUS
Released: October 6, 2009

Stay tuned!

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