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An Unlikely Group of Heroes, That’s For Sure

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII for the past couple of days, now. I’m on the second disk already, so I’m a good part of the way through the game and I think I’ve finally got enough done that I can really start to talk about my first impressions.

I am simply blown away by the graphics. This game has looked great since the first trailers were unveiled three years ago, and, sure enough, it meets the hype and possibly even exceeds it. This is a stunning piece of software in the visuals. The music is also very aural and a few tracks are arguably some of the best music I’ve heard in a video game. The boss battle theme sticks out in my mind as being climactic without getting on your nerves.

The story is well-presented, and the characters are strong selling points. A lot of reviewers have ragged on Vanille for her rather strange voice, but I found it charming, even if her voice acting is a bit iffy in parts. Lightning is a very captivating protagonist whose story you will grow to empathize with, even if she’s a bit of a grumpy goose. Hope is a little whiny, but he’s also interesting in his own right. Fang is still an enigma, but she seems alright. I’m really trying to give you a feel for these characters without spoiling crucial plot details, so suffice to say they’re all memorable and worthy of being in the same conversation with the great protagonists that have come before them in the FF series.

The combat is deliciously fast-paced and, as many of you know, I’m a sucker for fast fights like those in FF X-2 where the organized chaos of it all is as much an opponent as the monsters. It makes for interesting fights. I’ll have more for you when I do my official review, but so far I’ve been incredibly impressed. This game was four years in the making, and it shows.

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