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Gasping for Air

Borderlands still isn’t here yet, so I’ve decided that sometime over the weekend I’ll review Mass Effect 2. I bought this game the day it released, a rare step for me. I must admit, I’m very happy I did.

The title references just how fully ME2 enveloped me in its gripping storyline, compelling characters, and especially its climactic ending. Just about every weakness its stellar initial title held has been addressed and improved. The conversation engine is vastly improved, the storyline is nowhere near as anti-septic and black/white as the original Mass Effect, and the shooting mechanics have been cleaned up. The ending is also one of the most climactic and gripping sequences I’ve ever experienced in any medium ever. I needed to pause and collect myself several times throughout. It was that good.

I’ll have the review after I’ve slept on it. For now, I’m enjoying my borrowed copy of Fallout 3, courtesy of my best friend Jason. Hope you all stay healthy and safe this weekend!

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