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I Give Up

After about fifty tries and fifty failures, I’m about ready to give up on finishing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

To be more specific, I’m stuck on a mission called “The Offshore Offload”. It involves making multiple stops throughout Liberty City to pick up some assorted criminals. Simple, right? Well, when it forces you to drive a four-seater car (all of which are slow) while attempting to evade a three-star wanted level (meaning police, SWAT, and helicopters all shooting at you from every angle conceivable) it’s just impossible. The only way to lower your wanted level is to either smash six police cars (VERY difficult to do) or through cheats, which prohibit you from saving.

There are missions like this in every GTA game, where you are forced to maneuver a variety of objectives while the cops try to make you into Swiss cheese. I have yet to finish GTA IV because I am stuck on one of these very missions in that game as well.

I’ll try again later tonight, but if I can’t get past it by then I am returning the game and I’ll just review what I’ve seen up to this point because I’m really growing fed up with the ol’ Fission Mailed message popping up every few minutes.

(UPDATE: Alright, I got past the mission, so I’ll be continuing as scheduled.)

  1. December 2, 2009 at 6:39 PM


    Now you know how I feel with the Venice Tomb in ACII.


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