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Wildcats lose in OT to Oregon

For the second time this week, one of my football teams fails at life and blows a 10+ point lead held late in the game against an opponent that is considered their top rival in the race for meaningful postseason games.

It’s inexcusable. If you’re up by 10, there’s NO reason why you should suddenly quit and think you can coast to an easy win, especially against very good teams like the Oregon Ducks (9-2). Arizona (6-4) is highly comparable to the Houston Texans and the pre-Favre Minnesota Vikings at this point: a good team on paper just gushing with talent that is apparently unable and unwilling to win close games. They lost to fucking Washington, for Christ’s sake, and then they wonder why no team takes them seriously.

And it begins and ends with Coach Mike Stoops. Seriously, fatass, where the fuck do you get off? Calling running plays over and over when it’s obvious that QB Nick Foles is lighting up the Ducks and RB Grigsby and Friends can’t even buy a goddamn yard? Screw you and your $600,000 salary.

Now, the Wildcats get to go to Los Angeles and play Stoops’ favorite brand of bullshit football against the USC Trojans (7-3) and then go to Sun Devil Stadium and almost certainly lay a big fat egg against ASU (4-6). I guess there’s bragging rights for going 6-6 and ending up in the Las Vegas Bowl twice in a row. After all, Tucson is a city where lowered expectations are a way of life in every aspect of existence. It’s the home of every loser that couldn’t hack it in Phoenix or San Diego.

Oh, and by the way, I still can’t go get wasted and forget about this stupid game. Screw you too, middle America!

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  1. November 22, 2009 at 1:05 PM

    Let’s go with my roommate to one of her frat/slore parties. We can totally get wasted then! đŸ˜‰

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