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Coming to your console: The Bible!

I thought this was too good to not comment about here. In an example of the kind of crazy ideas some people think up, the Bible is being offered on XBox Live Indie for 400 Microsoft Points ($5 value). Here’s the official site.

I’m not against the idea, I’m just wondering…who’s going to download the Bible onto their 360? Religion aside, you can get text copies of the Bible just about everywhere, and it’s certainly better for your eyes and more comfortable to read lots of text in print than on a television screen. The additional features like the ability to bookmark verses aren’t anything special, so…what’s the appeal? According to Andrew Yoon of JoyStiq, Bible Navigator X is intended for youth ministers and the kids, but that brings to mind two drawbacks:

  1. Kids are going to have to pay 400 Microsoft Points for it. Disregarding the fact that sales of Bibles to children aren’t exactly at a high point in this day and age, points still require a credit card for purchase, and kids can’t get those.
  2. Churches aren’t typically so endowed with wealth and deprived of common sense that they’ll blow $300 on a game console these days. Youth ministries are typically low-priority for the allocation of church funds, as far as I can tell from my years of putting up with the youth ministry at my local parish.

I imagine the application cost almost nothing to develop and program, so it’s going to turn a profit even if very few users purchase it.

Then there’s the “Mass: We Pray” game presumably for the Wii, which is either a blatant parody or the worst game idea I’ve ever seen since these gems (NSFW). It’s odd enough that people would presumably pay money to read the Bible on their video game console, but profiting off of simulating a church service seems borderline sacrilegious.

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