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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: First Impressions

I’ve decided that after playing a game for a day, I’ll give you a quick idea of my first impressions. I’m about 4 hours in to MUA2, and here are some things that caught my notice:

  • The game is very button-mashy. I typically like these sorts of games, and this one is no exception. You can pretty much spend the entire game hammering on one or two buttons with little penalty, and seeing your Marvel superheroes plow through all kinds of baddies and environmental debris is immensely gratifying. Jennifer’s hand actually started cramping a few hours in because of the repetitive action, though, so you’ve gotta be a video game veteran to play this game for hours at a time.
  • The story goes something like this: a disaster caused by some superhero competition reality show forces the government’s hand. They decide to enact a law that requires all superhumans to register with the government and become an arm of law enforcement. Some of the Marvel icons go along with the government’s plan, some of them don’t (including Steve Rogers, aka CAPTAIN FREAKIN’ AMERICA of all people, for reasons I’ll discuss in the review), and it becomes the spark that ignites a “civil war” among superheroes.
  • The cast is varied, unique, and full of characters I’d never heard of. I’m not much of a comic book fiend (most of what I know, I learned from this guy), and so discovering these “new to me” superheroes was fun.
  • My favorite hero in this game’s gotta be Deadpool, and that’s whom I’ve decided to try throughout my playthrough. He’s sarcastic, funny as hell, and his attacks are easy to string together and hit targets easier than just about every other character I’ve played so far. It almost feels like cheating, because Deadpool’s regeneration and the long periods between fights means that you enter almost every fight with full health. With any other character, you have to rely on sparsely-laid health tokens to heal you, and Jen and I died numerous times playing other characters. As Deadpool and Wolverine (the two regeneration specialists in this game) it’s almost too easy to not even pay attention to health, and we have yet to die.
  • The camera angles almost make this game unbearable at times. I understand that the isometric perspective is required when you’re dealing with multiple characters and hundreds of bad guys all shooting shit in all directions at once, but the least the developers could have done is give you a way to adjust the camera that actually works at all times, not just whenever it wants. The camera is allegedly controlled with the right analog stick, but you wouldn’t know that from playing unless you happen to find one of the game’s few sweet spots where it’s gracious enough to let you. As a result, it’s very easy for your character to get lost in a swarm of enemies or behind debris.

I’ll have more for you when we finish! Stay tuned!

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  1. November 14, 2009 at 2:26 AM

    My thumb still hurts from the button-mashing.

    And jeez, I lost my character and had to frantically move the stick to find him/her again every 5 seconds to a minute. Dx I fail.

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